About My Educational TV

Take your learning and reach for your goals with our brand-new online video education platform. Purchase a complete educational program or choose
only the modules that fit your exact needs. Customize your learning experience on every step of the way for maximum value and maximum chances
to succeed on your new path.

What we do

new platform and program for online learning

Our platform provides flexible and convenient online learning solutions through online video courses.

Our team

Our certified and
experienced team use their
training and skills in
combination with state-of-
the-art online tools, TV and
video skills to create high
quality educational


Educational program is
designing for you in the
form of online videos that
can be used from any
location in the world. All you
need is a web browser and
an Internet connection.


All our courses are
producing in a modular
format. This gives you, a
choice to purchase the full
course, or just those
modules that answer your
specific questions and fill in
your knowledge gaps.

Your request

Our team provide customized courses upon request.

Contact us and tell us what your needs are and what problems you need to resolve. If we have a predefined course that
fulfills your requirements, we will recommend it. If we don’t have one that answers your specific needs, we will create
a custom course for you.

This will help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

Tell us your requirements

Mission and Vission

Our philosophy is encompassed in our site name: My Educational TV.


to me.


Meaning: knowledge, skills,
creativity, and even


Meaning: Television, comprised
of the prefix Tele, meaning at a
distance, and the noun Vision,
meaning sight or a dream related
to the future.

Mission and vision

Enabling effective education for
all without limit to time and
location by use of visual medias.

Why Choose Us

Find out what we offer and do for you:

Our talented team

Provides you with an educational program that is top quality in design, production, and, most importantly, content.

Faculty certificated educators

Quality ensure multidisciplinary team who is also faculty educated. We have bachelor’s degree experts and educators in Pedagogy, Methodology, IT, Digital Arts, Media, TV, Publishing, as well as other areas of expertise.


As professionals, who love what we do, our passion is to help you learn, understand, acquire knowledge, info, and skills. We also hope we can motivate you to make progress in personal and or professional field.

Our Values


Creative solutions

In order to provide you with the best in-service and education, we
are on a perpetual journey of education and self-improvement.


Custom opportunities

You can order a custom-made educational video course based on
your specific requirements.


Enrolling in our courses and focus on What
MyEducational.tv Has to Offer:


Learn from Certified Educators and Experts

All our instructors hold at least a bachelor’s degree in their area of expertise. All have prior experience in online education.


Comprehensive Coverage All the Way

Learn from designed/highly specialized educational videos that take you behind the scenes, from theory and demonstrations to practice and great results.


Custom-Made Content

You can opt-in for a standard course, design your own courses from the available modules, or order personalized video lessons for your specific needs.


Structured Educational Content

Our video lessons are structured with a clear logical flow in mind - step by step. Within a few weeks, you will have the skills for creativity or work in your desired


Easy to Set Up and Efective learn

You don’t need to download anything; use your web browser of choice, visit www.myeducational.tv, create your account, log in, access your courses and make your choice for learning. Learn the most for short time.


Personal consultations

We provide online consultations and 1-1 live sessions with our instructors whenever you ran into a problem.


Lifetime Access, Available 365/24/7

Once you have paid for a course or class, you will always have it linked with your account so you can access it whenever you want. You can learn from home, from the office, while traveling, or from any other location. All you need is an Internet connection.

Are our services right for you?

If you are still are not sure if our service is for you, please read the questions below,
and see if you also have one of these questions:


Do you feel you need to upgrade your skills but don’t know where and how?


Do you feel you have talents that you can convert into skills? And the skills into a new employment opportunity or simply improving an existing one?


Do you feel you could earn money by working remotely using digital skills, if only you had those skills?


Do you feel you need an educational program made by professionals for your professional career?


Do you live in a rural area or town where there is no opportunity to take classes and courses that interest you?


Do you want to avoid traveling just to attend the course you need?


Do you feel your current method of learning is too slow and ineffective?


Do you need to hear or view a particular set of information more than once to remember it?


Do you have gaps in your knowledge that are holding you back and affecting your work, employability, and also satisfaction, art, and creativity?


Do you want the possibility to consult with an expert in a specific area?


Do you need a special custom program for learning a specific topic or in a particular way?

If you can answer YES, we have the solution for you:


Educational Solution in online video form

Innovative and educational solutions like you never had before. We deliver an educational service in the form of TV - online videos which can be produced for you on your needs and requests.


Produced by experts

Produced by instructors and experts in their field. Each Educational TV program is designed with a clear, step-by-step structure.


On your request

Do not just give up or look for some other learning platform, if you can’t find a course that fits your needs, You can order one tailor-made to your requirements. Consult directly with an instructor, and we will create a solution for you – a video class or course covering the topic you request.


Step by step

We design our educational program to have clear steps and structure, with logical milestones to the main learning objective. Each class and course consist of theory and practice work: How-to part, Step-by-step video lesions, Expert demonstrations, Hands-on work on a variety of concrete problems, Analysis of issues you may encounter, and definite solutions in the field of learning, Results and samples in specific field of education.

Supporting material such as photos, text, and graphics are available for download. In addition,
you can consult experts and receive feedback based on your work. We offer custom
development of courses for both individual users and companies.

What is inside of
My Educational TV

Effective learning solutions in video form.
Education for developing talent in a short period of time and to convert it to skill, and skill to a new job creative hobby. Rapid progress through structured, organized modules.

Step-by-step progression

Easy-to-follow instructions and learning path

First-hand experience from behind the scenes videos
Instructions from experts in both online education and the required field of study

Customized course content, build according to individual or personal
specifications or preference on any theme
Opportunity for Livestream consultations and feedback on your work

Social networks for you and other members where you will able to communicate
and share info and ideas about each other’s works


Visual content and videos can be followed in a modular, nonlinear way – You can skip over what you already know

Learn “how to learn” and make a lifelong habit of upgrading the database

Info for you how to make money and take full advantage of creative digital opportunities and possibilities.





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History about idea of www.myeducational.tv

My Educational TV online learning platform is created from the passion to teach and learn. Platform was founded in 2020 by Boris Radivojkov – an academy educated multimedia artist and trainer. Boris works as a professional photographer, videographer, and educator.

Boris unwavering commitment to Art and Education as a means of improving quality of life led him to start the Focus School of Photography in Novi Sad, in 2010. Since then, over 5,000 people have benefited from his expert tutorship.

It is this same commitment to Art and Education that prompted Boris to establish My Educational TV. This online learning platform brings together instructors from different fields. They all share Boris’s passion for education and his belief that it can make the world a better place.

Lifelong Learning is not just advisable, in these changing times, it is a necessity. My Educational TV wants to break down the barriers of access to professionals and offer personal development opportunities for all kinds of learners.