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Do not give up if you don’t find the right courses for you on MyEducational.tv. If you have specific requirements not covered by our predefined courses, you can always order your own personal one! We are the first and only online educational platform that offers custom-made courses at your requests. Let us know what your needs are, what you are having problems with, and we’ll create a video that provides you with the much-needed solution.

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It’s Your Call! Custom-Made Content Available 365/24/7

You can opt-in for a standard course, design your own courses from the available modules, OR order personalized video lessons for your specific needs.

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Learn from designed/highly specialized educational videos that take you behind the scenes, from theory and demonstrations to practice and amazing results.

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Improve your skills easily and in the shortest time possible.

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Access your courses from anywhere and at any time.

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All our instructors hold at least a bachelor’s degree in their area of expertise. All have prior experience in online education.

Structured Educational Content for Maximum Convenience

Our video lessons are structured with a clear logical flow in mind - step by step.

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Once you have paid for a course or class, you will always have it linked with your account so you can access it whenever you want.

We Are Here for You! Top-Notch Online Support

We provide online consultations and 1-1 live sessions with our instructors whenever you ran into a problem.

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You don’t need to download anything; use your web browser of choice, visit www.myeducational.tv, create your account, log in, and access your courses. It’s that easy!

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As a beginner in photography, I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed and gradual explanation of the basics about cameras and their use, and then image processing. The instructor always explains the topics in detail and is always willing to provide additional explanations and recommendations regarding the purchase of equipment.

Knowledge from the course is invaluable to me and I use it on a continual basis doing photography and video recording for the site I run: https://biljnaishrana.com

Marina Grubić

In 2014, I bought my first DSLR camera and the same evening I wanted to throw it in the bin. It didn't want to "work" in pitch darkness, even though it had an integrated flash. I found Boris on the net and that's where our collaboration starts.

I can freely say that I learned a lot from Boris and even today when I have a dilemma regarding the equipment, or anything else, I write to Boris and get very useful advice in a short time. A big THANK YOU to Boris for his knowledge that he has passed on to me so far related to photography, but also to the philosophy of life, which is very important in every business, even this one."

Marko Šarenac
 - Hobby and stock photographer